Newly Engaged? What To Do Part One

So you got engaged over the holidays! How romantic! Congrats to you. What to do next? There are so many things to do you do not know what to do. Take a look at some of my suggestions:

1. Keep on smiling and tell everyone you know!

2. Keep a sense of humor during the planning process.

3. Set a date or maybe even two dates for your search for a venue and a church. Pick dates that are significant to you both and try to look at family availability as well. Remember both families..that is how you need to start thinking!

4. Set a budget. This is where most couples get overwhelmed. According to the average 2011 budget appears to be predicted in the $20,000 to $25,000 range with an average guest list of 135 to 150 people for the wedding alone. Will your parents contribute? Or will you finance the entire bill? This is a really comprehensive list that should include all expenses so that there are no surprises.
A. Wedding rings
B. Wedding dress and other attire, shoes and jewelry
C. Bridal party attire for groomsmen and bridesmaids and ring bearer and flower girl
D. Rehearsal dinner
E. Transportation
F. Spa appointments to include test make up and hair appointment for the bride
G. Church and Officient fees
H. Wedding planner fees if needed
I. Band or DJ fees
K. Photographer/ videographer fees
L. Florist fees
M. Venue fees
N. Catering fees
O. Bar fees
P. Cake fees
Q. All necessary taxes and tips
R. The after party costs
S. Rental fees
T. Honeymoon costs
U. Gifts for bridal party and parents
V. Brunch for the day after the wedding
W. Change of outfit for bride and groom
X. Wedding night accommodations
Y. Moving costs
Z. Gift for each other

Wow the whole alphabet. Do not let this overwhelm you. It is guide to help you know the different facets of the entire process. You need to be informed so that you can make appropriate decisions regarding one of your life’s biggest events!

Come back in a week or so and see part two. Any questions please contact me.