Holiday Engagement?

I am sitting in my recliner next to our Christmas tree and
in front of a great fire as I write this blog. It is blizarding out
there and I am thankful for the roaring fire. Since it is nearing
the end of 2010 I think it is a good time to look back at this year
and say I have a lot of things to be thankful for. We celebrated
our 10th year at our cafe and catering business. It is hard honest
work. Not only are we chef’s but professional schleppers. Yes that
is a industry technical word! Kathleen Kelly of Kathleen Kelly
Photographers spent and recorded a day in the life a caterer with
me last winter. It was a solid 14 hour standard day in my life as a
caterer. I think she was amazed at how hands on I am in the
business and with what stamina I have. It is good to love what you
do and I really do. It is the rush of a good job done at the end of
every event. The comments and hugs feed my soul. I am truly living
my dream as I explained to Annette Fazio during her interview of me
last spring on her radio show “Resilience is Brilliance”. I am
really lucky to have Chuck share the same dream. Chuck and I
celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary and are looking forward to
our 27th in March 2011. Even though we live and work together 24/7
we still somehow end the day reflecting and laughing over cocktails
and dinner. Some days are easier than others. Just ask our staff!
Speaking of staff, we have the BEST in the world. Although we have
a few new staff members many have been with us more than 8 years!
Everyone of our members really care about CVC Catering Group. They
are true professionals in every way. I am grateful for them and I
try to tell them that every chance I get. I am grateful for
returning customers and new customers as well. We added United Way
of Greater Portland to our customer list and catered their Grand
Finale “Back to the Future” at the awesome Ocean Gateway. We also
added Cabelas as a new customer for a cocktail party for 1225
people! I love customizing anything and this year The Maine
Historical Society allowed me to create a signature drink honoring
Henry Wadsforth Longfellow that I call the o’Henry! Emeril Lagasse
had an idea when I spoke with him and Chuck and I expanded upon it!
It was a great hit at their Holiday Celebration a few weeks ago. We
had the pleasure of working with Steve Dimillo and his very
talented Chef Melissa Bouchard at Nonesuch Golf Club for a
fundraiser and donating our services. It is great to work with
other chefs. We had a great time and it was a big success. I am
thankful for my family and friends as well. I am looking forward to
2011 with a great deal of enthusiasm and all of the new experiences
and challenges to come. Look out 2011 because here I come!