Is Home Brewing for You?

Yes, if you want a beer that meets your personal taste profile. You can make a beer that is natural and organic. You can brew a beer that can enhance the health benefits found in hops.

Oregon State University’s Linus Pauling Institute has found that hops contain a flavonoid called “xanthohumol”. This compound is considered to help in preventing cancer. Thus, when you are drinking beer and eating pizza, you are fighting cancer with the flavnoids found in the beer.

Beer MugSome people will do home brewing as a hobby, others want to produce a beer that they control and is unique. Some home brewers like to experiment and others like to impress their friends with a product they produced.

These are all good reasons to home brew; however, it is the cost savings that can be realized that is the reason for home brewing.

Non –Craft Brewers such as Miller have developed cost controls that allow them to sell their beer at fairly low prices. Home brewing will still provide you with cost savings, but not large ones. However, when compare the costs of imports or Regional Craft Beers, there are significant cost savings. A 6 pack of a good import or craft beer will range between $ 7-9.00 and $1.16 – $ 1.50 per bottle. Home brewing will give you a cost of $ .40 – $ .65 per bottle. That is a significant savings!

To get started, you will need to purchase a starter kit. These kits range in price from basic/beginners for $59.00 to a kit with a barrel for over $300.00. You can buy the kits and supplies on line. However, there are several stores in the Portland area that will sell you the kits, supplies, technology, and the procedures on how to make your own beer.

Once you make your first batch of beer, you can be as creative as you wish and develop unique beers that meet your personality and taste requirements. There is nothing better then to offer your guests your new brew of Organic, Blueberry, Honey, and Malt Beer that has little environmental impacts. Life is sweet!

Here are a few Maine suppliers;

Maine Brewing Supply
The Hop Shop
Kennebec Home Brew Supplies