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Along with pumpkins, the fall harvest brings a bounty of orchard fruit as well, like apples: nice crisp cold apples. Though common, apples are extremely nutritious – hence the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Apples have TONS of antioxidants, helpful molecules that prevent our cells from becoming damaged. One in particular, called quercetin, has been shown to reduce the death of neurons, which could improve dementia and other neurological issues. Current research is showing that eating apples regularly may help prevent breast cancer, stroke,…

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Ah fall….. I really look forward to the change of seasons and fall is one of my favorites! It’s early September and pumpkin everything is starting to show up already: latte, ice cream, cheese cake, bread, muffins, scones, raviolis, and more. Most pumpkin-laced products tend to be things we buy rather than make; many people have not ventured outside of the traditional pumpkin pie. But inventive fall recipes with pumpkin as an ingredient are worth a try not just for the delicious flavor, but also for nutritional value….